Using Placeholders

For our mail and invitation texts you can use placeholders:


  1. In order to edit your mail texts/ reminders (you can reach them via the edit mode of your respective event), you can use placeholders by selecting the corresponding button. If you wish to use these, please activate own mails texts and wildcards with a “yes”. Be aware that automatic mail texts will then be disabled. Therefore, you should make sure that each mail text box is filled with content. An overview of placeholders can you find here.

2. Now choose from the displayed placeholders the ones you need and copy & insert them. Keep in mind that you need to provide the respective information with regard to the selected placeholder beforehand. An example: you would like to use the placeholders corresponding to the bank account and/or the terms and conditions - then you need to make sure that you have filled these very parts in the user profile. Only then they will be displayed correctly in the mail text through placeholders.

3. By clicking on the button “Preview”, you can get a preview of your mail text to see if you inserted all selected placeholders correctly:

4. This confirmation of registration will be completed by the information stored in the system each time a subscriber registers. It will then be sent to the respective subscriber:

5. You can also use placeholders in your mail texts within the campaign manager. You can find them right below the respective text fields.

5. Moreover, you can access and even ad further tags with regard to the campaign manager. Just go the “Abonnenten-Liste” (“Subscriber List”) of the respective event and then to “Eigene Felder” (“Own Fields”).

6. Your subscriber will then receive the following Mail after you have worked with placeholders.

7. In case you would like to use placeholders in different languages, you need to use the respective Language Code and put it in front of the the respective placeholder. You can find the codes on the placeholder overview page, when you scroll down to the buttom:


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