Tasks/Costs/Fact Sheet

You can easily create tasks and corresponding costs for your event. The fact sheet can be described as a kind of schedule to which you can add as many tasks as you like.


  1. Select the tab "Tasks/Costs" via the sidebar menu on the left-hand side. By clicking on the tab "List" or "Create", you can add a new task:
  2. You will then be forwarded to the corresponding template. Here, you should first enter the general data of your task including the status. Be aware that you can enter more than one email address in the field "Notify eMail". If you then check the boxes right next to "Email/reminder active?" and "Send fact sheet?", both reminder and fact sheet (which contains all of your entered tasks) will be sent to all email addresses entered in the "Notify eMail"-field. You can also enter a description of the task and determine the settings with regard to the costing:
  3. Finally, there is the possibility to assign resources to your task (just by clicking on the respective resource, it will be shifted to the "Selected items"-column) and to attach further documents:
  4. All entered tasks will be collected and displayed in the fact sheet. Hence, a rough overview of the sequence of the tasks will be created. You will reach the "fact sheet" via the event overview website and the button "Action". There is also the possibility to display the fact sheet as PDF document:

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