Subscriber Statistics

You will reach the subscriber statistics via the respective event website. They reflect different attributes of the subscribers and are based on information stemming from the subscribers' template. Hence, in case you wish to monitor a certain attribute, such as industry or position, you should make sure that it appears in the registration template as mandatory.


  1. First, click on "Events" > "List" and select the respective event.
  2. You will then be redirected to the overview website of the event. Now, scroll down until you will reach the subscriber statistics:
  3. Based on the information stemming from the registration template, statistics will be created and displayed. They represent features such as, payment methods, check-ins, regional distribution by postal code and by country, gender distribution, subscribers languages, industry sectors, position, registration types or confirmations/cancellations.
  4. Moreover, the development of applications can be tracked statistically:
  5. Be aware that it is only possible to display the respective statistic when the necessary data is available in the subscriber's data. You should therefore pay attention, that the desired information have to be entered during the registration process (through mandatory fields).

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